Thatch Palm (Thrinax radiata)

Listing ID: ID-881
Current Tree Height: 4 ft
Hardiness Zone: 10
Current Tree Spread: 3 ft
Status: Nursery Tree
Mature Tree Height : 15-20 ft
Leaf Type: Palm
Mature Tree Spread: 6-10 ft
Quantity Available: 70
May 19, 2014


The Thatch Palm is a thin and distinct fan palm that has a dense and spherical canopy. The palm contains approximately 12- 20 fronds at any given moment with leaf growth maturity between 4-5 feet in width. The palm grows slowly in comparison to other specimens with a increasing no more than 6 inches per year in height. The palm is a regular addition to tropical and subtropical landscapes due to its unique shape and texture, coupled with its ability to withstand a wide array of environmental conditions including salt, wind and drought tolerance.

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