Simpson’s Stopper Bush (Myrcianthes fragrans)

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Listing ID: ID-1010
Current Tree Height: 5 ft
Hardiness Zone: 10
Current Tree Spread: 4 ft
Status: Nursery Tree
Mature Tree Height : 15-20 ft
Leaf Type: Deciduous
Mature Tree Spread: 10-15 ft
Caliper Measurement: 2 inch
February 13, 2016


The Simpson’s Stopper is a durable tropical species that can be both a smaller tree or a larger bush. The small closely packed leaves stemming from silky branches are known to exude nutmeg fragrances; additionally, the tree’s flowers bloom delightful red berries that are palatable and wholesome. The Simpson Stopper’s bloom characteristically attracts a variety of birds and species, making for a more stimulating and interactive oudoor experience.

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