Silver Bismark Palm (Bismarckia Nobilis)

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Listing ID: ID-948
Current Tree Height: 12 ft
Hardiness Zone: 10
Current Tree Spread: 8 ft
Status: Nursery Tree
Mature Tree Height : 30-40 ft
Leaf Type: Palm
Mature Tree Spread: 15-20 ft
Caliper Measurement: 28 inch
December 27, 2014


Bismarckia is in the palm family belonging to western and northern Madagascar where they grow in the central highlands. The named after the first chancellor of the German Empire Otto von Bismarck. Bismarckia nobilis, comes from Latin for noble. Bismarck Palm can adapt to a variety of soils and prefers full sun, but has the ability to tolerate occasional shade. Once it takes root it is able to tolerate drought. Due to the palms remarkable size, the Bismarck palm is less recommend for smaller yards. It has been most widely used as a feature tree in many tropical and subtropical landscapes.


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