Seashore Palm (Allagoptera arenaria)

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Listing ID: ID-958
Current Tree Height: 4 ft
Hardiness Zone: 10
Current Tree Spread: 5 ft
Status: Nursery Tree
Mature Tree Height : 6-8 ft
Leaf Type: Palm
Mature Tree Spread: 6-8 ft
December 28, 2014


Allagoptera arenaria, commonly known as seashore palm, is a fruit tree native to the Atlantic Coast of Brazil. The palm is found in coastal strands, slightly above the high tide mark, and is principally cultivated as an ornamental palm throughout South America.The leaves grow right out of the ground from a subterranean trunk that is usually not visible, and emerge in a swirling pattern, spreading out on a diverse set of seemingly random planes. The Seashore palm is one of the best palms for beach and coastal situations in subtropical and tropical regions. It typically requires moderate to full sunlight and is used as a beach screen, being very tolerant of extreme beach and coastal conditions, as well as the spray of salt.

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