Baobab Tree (Adansonia digitata)

Listing ID: ID-779
Current Tree Height: 12 ft
Hardiness Zone: 10
Current Tree Spread: 10 ft
Status: Nursery Tree
Mature Tree Height : 20-90 ft
Leaf Type: Deciduous
Mature Tree Spread: 25-40 ft
Caliper Measurement: 6 inch
Quantity Available: 20
May 19, 2014


The Baobab Tree was first noticed by Michael Anderson, a young French explorer who in 1749 discovered the tree while hunting for antelope in Senegal. The Baobab Tree is commonly known as the tree of life due to its uncanny ability to provide clothing, food and water for humans and animals. The tree’s bark is fire resistant and used for making rope and cloth, the leaves are commonly used for medicines and condiments, and the fruit called monkey bread is edible and full of vitamin C. Additionally the tree can hold upwards of a hundred of litres of water. The Baobab Tree has demonstrated itself as a lasting addition to most any landscapes.


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