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Bamboo Hammock Nursery

Bamboo Hammock Nursery Inc. is conveniently located in the heart of the agricultural area of Homestead, in South Florida. The Nursery specializes in exterior and interior landscape plants and trees. They offer quality palms, plants, and trees at competitive prices for your landscaping needs.

Phone: 305-248-7301
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Botanics Wholesale

For over thirty years, Botanics Wholesale has been known as the go to source for specimen palms and trees. They are currently growing over 150 species of palms, cycads, flowering and native trees, as well as thousands of large container grown fruit trees.

Over the span of those decades, they have introduced a number of palms and trees that have now become industry standards. They thrive on the discovery and introduction of new and beautiful plants. They initially trial these new plants in their own gardens or in the gardens of their customers (often in different climates and exposures) to determine durability and suitability for the landscapes where they will ultimately make their home . They know their material, what works where, and they gladly share their experiences so that clients will be successful in their landscaping endeavors. Just as many of the most respected landscape architects specify plants from Botanics Wholesale, they can help you create your unique and distinctive tropical garden.

Phone: 305-245-2966
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